The League shall be known as the Birmingham Pool League and the objective of the League is to facilitate the playing of competitive pool in the Birmingham area on a non-profit-making basis for registered teams in divisional and cup formats, and registered players in knockout format.


(a) The League will be administered by an elected Committee; a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and at least four others who will all serve for a period of two years. 

(b) During their tenure, all Committee members must be registered players and all be from different teams. 

(c) The Committee will seek applications to replace any Committee person who has resigned, is absent, or has died, and a vote taken at the next monthly meeting to endorse a nominee. Furthermore, the League reserves the right to remove a committee person from their post via an EGM if justifiable. 

(d) Any Committee member missing two consecutive meetings will be removed from the Committee unless there are extenuating circumstances. Committee fees of £5 per Committee meeting and £10 to oversee or referee matches are to be paid at the discretion of the monthly meeting.


(a) The League will hold mandatory meetings, usually on the first Sunday in every month during the season at McDwyers Bar at 11:30am, unless any change to the venue or start time has been notified in advance. 

(b) Teams failing to attend meetings will result in penalties being applied in accordance with the penalty structure detailed later in this Constitution. 

(c) Meetings will consist of paperwork being handed out, fines and fees being paid and competition draws being made. The meeting will then be opened to the floor. Any disputes or grievances will be heard at the end of the meeting. 

(d) The AGM will be held during the close season, notification of which will be at least 14 days in advance.

(e) Only teams who have completed the previous season or paid their league fees for the forthcoming season and are present at the meeting will be able to vote. 

(f) Each team will receive one voting card and a show of cards will be the only method of voting. 

(g) Any issues to be raised at the AGM must be put in writing and sent to the Secretary seven days prior to the meeting. The agenda for the AGM will be as follows: Chairman’s report / Secretary’s report / Treasurer’s report / election of Committee members (as required) / any other business.


(a) All monies received will be banked by the Treasurer or designated deputy at the earliest opportunity and held in an account with Lloyds Bank under the account name of Birmingham Pool League

(b) Any income and property of the League shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the League’s objective as set forth in this Constitution and no portion shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any member. 

(c) The financial year will run from 1st July to 30th June. 

(d) All payment transactions will be authorised by two from the three authorised signatories mandated by the Committee. 

(e) The Treasurer shall ensure that all monies received are detailed, accurate accounts are maintained and all monies are banked. A financial report will be published on a quarterly basis. 

(f) Registration fees for the League and the various competitions are detailed later in this constitution. 

(g) Teams will not be entered into the League or any competition if the registration or entrance fee has not been paid. 

(h) Failure to pay fines or o/s monies will result in penalties being applied in accordance with the penalty structure.


(a) It is the responsibility of the postponing Captain to notify the opposing Captain and Secretary at least 48 hours in advance if a match needs to be cancelled. 

(b) If the match is to be played during the same week, then notification of the new day is all that is required, and this will not be classed as a postponed match. 

(c) Only two matches can be postponed during any one season, one in either half, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Such circumstances are required to be put in writing to the Committee. 

(d) All postponed matches must be played within 28 days of the original fixture or scheduled for the designated free week. Failure to agree dates with the opposing Captain should be referred to the Secretary at the first monthly meeting after cancellation. 

(e) Postponed matches may not be rearranged (other than if being played in the same week) during the last month of the league season. A cut-off date will be notified upon the fixture release date. 

(f) For cup matches only, it is the responsibility of the non-postponing Captain to notify the opposing Captain and Secretary of three proposed convenient dates for the rearranged fixture. The postponing Captain must agree to one of these dates or forfeit the match.


(a) Teams are restricted to Wednesday or Thursday for their home matches. 

(b) All matches to start at 8pm prompt. Frame 1 can be claimed at 8.15pm, frame 2 at 8.30pm, and the entire match can be claimed at 8:45pm. 

(c) No team or player is obligated to start a frame after 11.00pm. 

(d) At least 5 names, must be listed on the match sheet prior to the first frame commencing. The rest must be added before frame 6. 

(e) Once the match sheet has been filled in, the match is to be played in order of the sheet. If a player is not present at the time of a particular frame, then that frame is forfeited unless a reserve is used. The amended player is then unable to play for that evening even if they arrive later. 

(f) If a player has to leave early then it is their Captain’s duty to play that particular player in such a position that will allow them to leave on time. On a match evening only two reserves can be played. 

(g) Players are no longer required to sign the match sheet. It is the responsibility of the opposing captain to verify players’ registration via the League’s website. 

(h) A ‘7 Ball’ is awarded to a winning player whose opponent has failed to pot a legal ball, irrespective of how many balls remain on the table. 

(i) Claimed matches will be awarded 9-0. The result of a fixture that cannot be fulfilled for any other reason will be determined by the Committee. Failure to honour an end of season fixture may result in disciplinary action being taken. 

(j) It is the responsibility of the venue to supply chalk, a spider, a rest, hospitality (food) and the financing of frames. It is the home team Captain’s responsibility to ensure that the table and venue are suitable for purpose and players are unimpeded. Food should be supplied for all league and team cup games. 

(k) Any age restrictions MUST be posted on the website, failure to do so will result in loss of frame(s) and a £25 fine if a young player is refused entry. 

(l) It is the responsibility of the away team Captain to check any venue restrictions seek special permission if required. It is also the away team Captain’s responsibility to accept that the table is fit for purpose and as such the away team are permitted five minutes playing time prior to the match start time of 8:00pm. Once the first shot is played then any right to dispute results on the grounds of the suitability of the table is lost. 

(m) It is both Captain’s duty to select competent referees for each frame then monitor the frames and if necessary, overturn any decisions. 

(n) The captain must ensure that at no time do any of their players approach the Referee or the match table. The Referee’s decision is final and no attempt should be made to dishonour their decision. If for any reason a dispute does occur then it is the duty of the both Captains to resolve the matter. If the dispute cannot be resolved then the Disputes Procedure detailed later in this constitution should be followed. 

(o) At no time will the League tolerate any player approaching the Referee or the match table. Such action will result in a fine and/or points deduction.

(p) A team will forfeit home advantage if their venue cannot accommodate a player who has advised the league that they are a permanent wheelchair user. The team is free to find a neutral venue if they desire, but they must provide the opposition with 7 days notice of the replacement venue.


(a) The winning Captain should text the match result through to the Secretary on the night of the match before 11.30pm. 

(b) Photographs of match sheets to be sent to the League Secretary by WhatsApp or MMS within 24 hours. 

(c) Failure to adhere to either of these rules will result in penalties being applied in accordance with the penalty structure.


(a) Teams are permitted to sign up to a maximum of 20 players in any one season. Teams who register more than 15 players will be charged a further registration fee per additional player over the 15 which must be paid in advance of that player playing in any match. 

(b) The designated Captain and Secretary of each team must be a registered player for that team. 

(c) Players are only allowed to play for one team within the League in any one season, unless there are extenuating circumstances and at the discretion of the Committee. 

(d) Transfers are allowed prior to the commencement of any season. The Captain is responsible for notifying the Secretary of any transfer. 

(e) A fee will be levied for any player transfers to another team after week one of the season. No transfers are permitted after week four of the season. 

(f) No new players can be signed after the midway point of the league season for their division, generally week eleven if the division comprises twelve teams. 

(g) There is no limit on the number of current county players each team can register but such players must be notified to the Secretary upon registration. Each team though is restricted to playing just one such player in any one match. Penalties will apply if this rule is not adhered to. 

(h) Only registered players may enter any knockout competition and they must have previously played for their team. 

(i) Players cannot play for more than one team in the same cup competition. 

(j) The committee reserves the right to exclude players from the league if there are circumstances which warrant said exclusion.


(a) Unresolved disputes during a match should firstly be directed to the Secretary, then appropriate divisional representative, and finally any other Committee member for guidance. 

(b) All disputes should be raised with the Secretary by telephone in the first instance, and then put in writing to the Secretary within seven days of the match in question. The dispute will be itemised for the next meeting. 

(c) A signed match sheet constitutes acceptance of the result, unless rule 5(g) is applied.


(a) No credit given. All entry fees must be paid in advance of the first round draw in order to be included in that draw. 

(b) It is the responsibility of the postponing Singles or Doubles player(s) to notify the opposing entrant and Secretary at least 48 hours in advance if a match needs to be cancelled. The postponing party forfeits home advantage, if applicable. 

(c) Singles and Doubles entrants are only allowed to rearrange one match per competition in any season. 

(d) It is the responsibility of the non-postponing Singles or Doubles player(s) to notify the opposing entrant and Secretary of three proposed convenient dates for the rearranged fixture. The postponing entrant must agree to one of these dates or forfeit the match. 

(e) Change of Doubles partner is not allowed once a match has been played. 

(f) In Doubles, players are allowed to speak with their partner for no more than 30 seconds prior to the first shot of that visit. The first offence will result in a warning and then subsequent occurrences will be classed as a foul. Once a shot has been played they may not speak with their partner until their visit is over. 

(g) Rules for any other knockout competition will be distributed separately if they differ from how league matches are played.


(a) The League shall award trophies and prizes to league, cup and knockout winners and other participants. 

(b) Team trophies are awarded to a maximum of fifteen nominated players. However, if teams require more than fifteen trophies then an extra charge will be levied and payment must be made prior to order. 

(c) All perpetual trophies are subject to a £50 deposit if removed from the League’s possession, which is refundable upon return. 

(d) Damage to trophies will incur a charge or loss of deposit, and loss of a trophy will incur a charge for a suitable replacement.


In the event that the League is dissolved, via an EGM convened for that purpose, the assets of the League shall be sold and all monies remaining after settlement of outstanding accounts shall be donated to the West Midlands County Pool Association. The dissolution of the League shall be administered by the Committee and all communications regarding this matter shall be overseen by the Secretary.


The spirit of the game must be maintained at all times; before, during and after a match. All teams must ensure that players and supporters are in good nature, failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken.